Dear friends, composers, performers, artists, experimental music lovers, and anyone who wants to experience something fresh, come and join!
This is not a streaming concert, but an online experimental project on the live stream and live chat platform.


— Composers and performers host live stream events

  where we introduce our works, perform, experiment,

  improvise, and talk.
— Most importantly, we react to your comments.
— We suggest you express your thoughts and feelings.


— You join a live chat.
— You are completely anonymous (there is no way that we

  will know who you are, so relax and chat).
— You can ask the host anything you want. — You express

  yourself, give feedback, criticize, ask questions,

  propose, vote, decide, and react.

11:00 (CEST), Saturday, 23 April 2022
(an)onymous #1

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18:00 (CEST), Saturday, 30 April 2022
(an)onymous #2
Deok-Vin+Richard, Chanhee+Zdravka, Yu-ting

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*If you have a Vimeo account, please log out to make yourself anonymous
**We recommend using non-mobile devices such as laptops and desktops for the best performance.
***Language: German and English
**** We stand for freedom of speech, but we are not going to accept any kind of hate speech including sexism and racism, and violation of privacy.


11:00-11:40, Saturday, 23 April 2022
<Toil and Moil — Rehearsal and Commentary> (DE)
Areum Lee (composer) X Na-Young Cheong (clarinetist)
“The most and the least clarinet-like sound, and the non-clarinet sound move around with the stimulus of wind.” Areum and Na-Young have a rehearsal for a new clarinet piece “toil and moil” and provide commentary on each section. You may give some feedback!

11:40-12:20, Saturday, 23 April 2022
<Bow vs Bow, Corpus vs Corpus — Sound Experiment and Talk> (DE)
Jieun Jun (composer) X Sungum Jennie Yang (violinist)
“The bow is separated from the violin!” Jieun and Sungkum experiment with two bows or two violins instead of a violin with a bow. They talk to you and answer all your questions!

18:00-19:00, Saturday, 30 April 2022
<Love Song — Performance, Commentary, and Audience Participation> (EN)
Deok-Vin Lee (composer) X Richard Ander-Donath (cellist)
Deok-Vin’s new open cello piece “the ( ) love song of ?” is performed by Richard. But, what kind of love song? They do not know yet. You decide with your heart and vote based on your desire!

19:00-19:40, Saturday, 30 April 2022
<Inaction-Action-Reaction-Interaction — Live Interactive Performance> (DE)
Chanhee Lim (composer) X Zdravka Ivanova (accordionist)
(Surprise!) Chanhee and Zdravka share a guest link. You can immediately and spontaneously join their live stream if you wantUsing the platform as an artistic tool, they do an experimental live stream performance.

21:00-21:40, Saturday, 30 April 2022
<Piano+Feedback — Live Performance and Talk)> (DE)
Mabel Yu-ting Huang (pianist)
Yu-ting performs an improvisation with piano and electronic feedback. You comment during and after the performance! Yu-ting react to your comments!

Moderation: Moonsun Shin (DE)